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New technologies…a threat or an opportunity for newspapers?

imageTechnology is evolving so fast, it is hard for some to keep up with!

I can think a ton of opportunities when I imagine the possibilities technology can offer: Custom content, targeted advertising, media creativity, consumer engagement…and many more!

And when I say new technologies, I don’t only mean the web, but also mobile phones, kindles, iPods, etc.

Unfortunately, some people see new technologies solely as a threat…  I don’t mean to point any fingers, but I think newspapers need to further review their business models and reflect on the opportunities technology can bring to them.

First of all, as a planner, I remember having to challenge papers simply to buy anything that wasn’t square or rectangular! Hard negotiations, heavy premiums, ‘Church vs state’ lectures and many many hours were put behind ‘creativity projects’. And still today, I feel that creativity in print is way behind other mediums…

Secondly, from a consumer point of view:

I am a news addict. But there are so many articles in a paper that I don’t take the time to read. There are so many sections, so many subjects, so many pages, and so many advertisements…a lot of waste really! AND not so environment friendly. 🙁 When will newspapers be able to provide content/advertising to me on subjects that are custom to my interests and needs?

What if the actual structure, business model and personnel were too stiff and stuck to their comfort zone?

I don’t mean to kick newspapers while they are down, but I feel that newspapers have yet to really embrace and truly exploit the advantages that new technologies can offer. It is time to put an end to paradigms…

Any suggestions? Ideas?
Please share!

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Commentaire de Vincent | Date: 2009/12/03

I preach web media since .. Netscape 2.0 ( before even Google exist ). It seems to take a really long time for media people to make there paradigm shift ( client education, confort zone, untrustable result … ).

But one thing is sure, when you taste a good SEM campaign, you ask for more. Finding good free studies on onllne advertising efficiency is hard. We are like dinosaurs looking for the rest of the leaves on trees but cannot feed from the grass. Just not made for that.

Just think we have to wait for a pure extinction of the race. Long live the next online generation and save the trees 🙂

Buy the way, french post on the subject are so rare, it will be appreciate and respectful to translate your post on espresso-interactif.

We doesn’t want to dispear also in the .fr world, as Google seems to juge Quebec.

Au plaisir de vous lire….en français.


Commentaire de Norman Harvey | Date: 2009/12/09

Mrs Kelley

I fully agree with you as to the threat many people see in the new media realities – the same old circle is there again : people predicted the end of the radio format, and even cinema, when television arrived; then, a lot of people predicted that the theaters would go empty when home movies became available… I think it’s in the human nature to be weary of anything new (for some people, at least !). I see these changes as opportunities to reinvent our business (I’m a sales manager for a weekly newspaper). Visit me at, if you have a spare moment and don’t mind my texts in French.

Commentaire de Derhan | Date: 2010/04/03

I completely agree with anything like this. Because this is an era of change, the old ones will be left to something new. What should be do, just by changing something old becomes new with our creative ideas.

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